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About Us

Thank you for stopping by and wanting to learn more about shopafterall!

The idea of shopafterall online store emerged from the passion for starting an online spot for anything cool, unique and fun, be it a service or a product.

Being a regular online shopper myself, while having a full-time job, 3 kids, and with the limited time I had, I resorted to the most convenient place to buy stuff... I went and bought pretty much everything online. Also, coming from a web design background with passion for digital art, I think this is the next best thing and is completely natural to go down this path.   

All that paved the way to start this little spot and to bring these offerings to you, to those who are always on the run, and to those who like to shop in their spare time, wherever they are.

I'm very excited and extremely committed to make this a successful experience for you and me. Please drop me a line and share your experience, thoughts, ideas so I know how best to improve your shopping experience! 

Shopafterall is the spot where you can find a variety of unique and fun products, jewelry, accessories, home décor, and more. We're constantly seeking new and fun items to expand our collection and bring to you, wherever you are!

Once you shop, you can't stop shopafterall!