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Evil Eye or Lucky Eye?

Evil Eye Artwork

What is Known About Evil Eye? 

Where I grew up, most people believed in the evil eye effect and others thought it was superstition.

Evil Eye & Hamsa Earrings

What is Evil Eye Anyway?

The idea is that there are some people who may cause harm to others without even meaning to do it, simply by looking at them!

Many cultures came up with different ways to protect against the evil eye effect. Some came up with the so called "evil eye amulet" to protect against evil eye. The amulet can be worn, hung in homes, pinned to a new born or baby's blanket, or even pinned to a musical instrument for protection!   on whatever you deem precious to you!

This amulet was made into different shapes and forms, these are two that I'm most familiar with:

  1. The Hamsa or Khamsa Hand, with a wide variety of different spelling, hamsa and khamsa, to name a few, which refer to the 5 fingers in a hand, and its literal translation in Arabic and Hebrew is 5. It's used in the Middle-East and known in different religions as:
    1. Hand of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad, Fatima Zahra
    2. Hamsa, Miriam Hand, Moses' sister
    3. Hand of Mary, so called by the Levantine Christians for the mother of Jesus

  2. Evil Eye Amulet, an eye shaped glass bead, has been found at the beginning of many ships in the Mediterranean.

Different cultures around the world adopted the evil eye amulet many years ago and it became one of the most popular symbols of good luck and protection against the evil eye.

It is said that when an evil eye amulet cracks, it has done its job of protecting you, also heard it from my mom and it's also a belief that dates thousands of years back.

Evil Eye Choker

Are You Ready to Partake in it and Own Your Evil Eye?  Get Yours Today!

Some people wear it simply because it's attractive and has a unique mystical design. Others wear it for the mere belief that it's a good luck charm!

I'm very happy to share this exquisite collection of evil eye bracelets, necklaces, rings, keychains, and bag charms, which make a unique gift to you, to your family and friends. Whether you wear it for extra protection, for beauty, or a little token of positive energy, this is not like another trend, and will have you keep looking!

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